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Get Ready for a Unique Experience in the Bosphorus

Don’t you want to have a great time in the Bosphorus, seeing the unique beauties of Istanbul from a different perspective? Venoa team makes this dream come true with its yacht charter service. If you want, you can spend time alone with your loved ones, or you can go on a legendary tour in the heart of Istanbul. For us, the concept does not matter, we are at your service with our entire fleet and professional team so that anyone who wants can reach their dreams.

You can apply to us for all organizations from a peaceful trip for one person to a luxurious invitation for dozens. We provide you with a quality yacht charter service with our equipped and comfortable fleet suitable for every budget. With the peace of being in the middle of the Bosphorus, your entertainment and special times will remain an unforgettable experience.
Do not deprive your loved ones, and most importantly yourself, of this unique experience. Pamper yourself with Venoa’s luxury yachts. Remember, you and your loved ones deserve this.

Our services you can get as an extra during your tour
  • Cocktail Menu
  • Breakfast & Brunch Menu
  • The Food Menu
  • Photo and Video Service
  • Tour Guide
  • Beverage Service